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    I have had two rotator cuff/ bicep tendon repairs done by Dr. Papandrea. The first in 2009 (rt. shoulder) and the second in 2019 (lft. shoulder). I was a college QB and played into my mid-thirties recreationally. Finally had rt. shoulder repaired at the age of 59. Rick's work was simply outstanding....

    Verified Patient

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    I had elbow surgery but was still having pain and couldn't straighten my arm. My original surgeon blew me off so I went for a second opinion. I sent my xrays and medical records prior to my visit. Dr. Papandrea knew what the issues were before I even walked into his office. Surgery was a great succe...

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    Thank you to you & your team. Anytime you are hurt & need surgery, it can create concern & fear of the worse. Than take that times 10 when it’s your child. The team’s professionalism, competency & ability to explain in simple terms of the process is the best in the field. My sons procedure & rec...

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    Dr. Papandrea, I would like to thank you for taking a chance on me, for giving me a 2nd opportunity to live up to my potential. The ability to stay gainfully employed, so I’m able to take care of others and myself. My successful surgeries are a gift. Once a again Thank you!!!

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    Dr. Papandrea is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. I had a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair. He explained the surgery and procedures to both myself and my wife throughly. Dr. Papandrea really cares about his patients. He followed up with a phone call after surgery to check on me. It has been...

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    Dr, Papandrea appears to be booked up quite a way in advance for surgery, now I know why. After seeing several doctors over months and getting nowhere with my shoulder I got an appointment with Dr. Papandrea. He did a personal review of my MRI and my history and noticed things that the report did no...

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    He's the best for upper extremities. No complaints here. Took the time to design a 3-D model of the bones and what he was going to do the night before surgery; then explained it in detail the morning of surgery.

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    I had an elbow debridement performed by Dr. Papandrea. The care I received from him and the entire staff was wonderful. I have had quite a few surgeries to date, and the pre-surgery staff was the best I have ever encountered.

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    I had two surgeries on a bad wrist fracture by Dr. Papandrea. He was gentle, kind and patient. You can tell a lot about a person that has good eye contact and a good handshake. Dr. Papandrea had both. I will definitely recommend him.

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    Dr. Papandrea is extremely knowledgeable, skillful and personable. Like you, I also did a search before hand, and found many positive comments. My surgery was quite complicated involving bone removal, instrumentation and fusion in the wrist and hand (he called it 3 surgeries in one). Within 2.5 mont...

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