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    Concerning right shoulder replacement, it was a learning experience for me. Dr. Papandrea helped me understand my physical problems with my shoulder and the procedure that will correct my injuries. His explanation were easy to understand and follow. Very, Very professional in his presentation.

    Florian B

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    Dr. Papandrea is an amazing surgeon and my rotator cuff surgery outcome was outstanding. He is patient, caring and a highly skilled surgeon who is compassionate about his work and patients. He also surrounds himself with talented staff like his PA, Ryan Hamm. I cannot truly express enough...

    Joan Vogel

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    100% awesome medical care , surgery for broken arm

    Richard M. Wynne

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    elbow surgery had 13 pcs removed bone cartilage removed have had no trouble since the surgery every thing is back to every day usage

    Gregory Ruper

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    Elbow surgery 2022
    I was referred to Dr. Papandrea and was told he was one of the the best, and few surgeons to trust with tricky elbow surgery. We were so happy with the service and recommend him to all in need of orthopedic surgery

    S Duffy

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    Dr. Papandrea repaired my severely torn shoulder. His repair and recommended PT path following surgery resulted in a full restoration of my shoulder. He far exceeded my expectations for both kindness and results. I highly recommend Dr. Papandrea and would want him to repair anything in his...

    Tom Mortimer III

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    I would definitely recommend Dr. Papandrea. I'm 5 months into my rotator cuff surgery and I don't have any symptoms of having a surgery. I have full range of motion without any pain! I'm elated with the outcome of my procedure.

    Michael J Schrang

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    I experienced a significant OneWheel crash that resulted in several broken bones in my elbow when my arm bent the wrong way. Dr. Papandrea performed two surgeries to put me back together, and although he stopped short of turning me into the “bionic man” per my request, he fixed everything and ga...

    Bryan A

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    Dr, Papandrea was very professional and most important he listened to me and was respectful on how he treated me as a patient. I was very impressed with him and it was so relieving to find him for his help !!

    Leanne Klingbiel

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    Great service and great doctor!!

    Jim Kebisek

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