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    Explain clearly my options with my torn rotator cuff, he performed total reverse shoulder replacement and I'm back enjoying golf. His staff were excellent as well

    Verified Patient

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    He did a double total shoulder replacement and the outcome was better then I could imagine. Great surgeon to talk to. He has the answers to all your questions. I would recommend him to everyone looking for a upper extremity guy.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea was very nice to work with. He spent plenty of time with my wife and I to explain exactly what was to happen during my rotator cuff surgery and answered any questions we had. He was very responsive when I emailed him questions and concerns we had before and after surgery. Dr. Papandrea...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr Papandrea is an outstanding doctor and surgeon. After seeing 2 other orthopedic providers he was the only one that actually listened. Although, pointed out the pain to both previous doctors, 2 injections later I was fortunate to see Dr Papandrea (7-8-15)and he listened and after examination he im...

    Verified Patient

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    After 2 prior shoulder replacements from another surgeon, my family doctor recommended Dr Papandrea, to this day i can't speak highly enough about him and his staff, i honestly believe that if it wasn't for Dr Papandrea, i wouldn't have the use in my left arm that i do now.

    Verified Patient

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    I had seen several orthopedic doctors regarding a growth on my elbow that gave me extreme nerve pain. All three doctors told me that my pain was not consistent with the area of the growth on my elbow and one doctor even said he thought it was all in my head. Doctor Papandrea listened to me and after...

    Verified Patient

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    I had experienced 30 years of bilateral shoulder pain - nothing helped. not PT, not injections of various sorts (every 6 mos),not home exercises, and finally not an unsuccesful rotator cup surgery. I had given up. I first met with Dr. Papandrea at OAW late in 2016. After MRI and an "arthroscopic cle...

    Verified Patient

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    My nasty shoulder was complicated by rheumatoid arthritis, making the simplest movement (and sleeping) very difficult. Dr. Papandreou skillfully repaired my shoulder and was also very kind. His staff is excellent as well. Could not be more pleased!

    Verified Patient

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    My husband was Dr. Papandrea's patient, for surgery. We both were extremely satisfied in many areas. Our pt and family education. Communications in both the office and hospital settings.His PA is very knowledgeable and met many of our needs. Awesome outcome from surgery.

    Verified Patient

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    Attentive, knowledgable, professional. swimming after 4 months and golfing after 6 months. Very little pain, only took 2 painkillers after discharge, then just Tylenol for a few days.

    Verified Patient

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