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    Dr. Papandrea and his PA Hannah are both amazing to their profession. They take time to listen and are extremely caring. My only disappointment is in myself to not have had my arm surgery years ago!

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea is a fine, compassionate man, as well as an excellent physician and surgeon. He has performed numerous procedures to ease my pain from arthritis. I was honored to be the third patient to receive a shoulder replacement using a device that he helped to design. I consider myself very fort...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea was excellent. He explained the surgery and procedures to both myself and wife throughly. The day of the surgery he called to make sure I was doing fine. Always pleasant and honest. Would reccomend him to anyone in need of rotator cuff surgery.

    Verified Patient

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    I would first like to say that I could not give 4 stars for 'ease of appt.', but you can't just walk right into the office of someone that is so great and in high demand...unless you have an urgent situation. I have had 4 surgeries, numerous cortisone injections and have had a ganglion cyst drained ...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea has preformed surgery on both of my shoulders. His expertise is beyond question. He is a caring and knowledgeable professional. Saying that he never talked down to me and allowed me to ask I'm sure some "stupid" questions and always gave me answers that I could understand. We have been...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Rick is the Best. He did a total left shoulder replacement. It was a total success. Do what he tells you and you will be like new in 3 to 4 months. He listens, he's compassionate, and he cares.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea is experienced, courteous, and very professional. He has done surgery on each of my shoulders--rotator cuff and a replacement. Both shoulders are wonderful. Really more than I ever expected considering the bad shape they were in. I have surgery on my hands coming up and I feel very con...

    Verified Patient

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    I was sent to Dr. Papandrea by Dr. Davies who said that Dr. Papandrea was the best around for shoulder replacements and I have to agree he was very good about explaiing what he was going to do and what I was going to have to do after surgery and I can't be more happy about it it has been one year th...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. P was very open and honest regarding diagnosis, treatment, surgery and recovery. His cautious and realistic view kept us at ease and helped us to understand the road we faced regrading a return to full health

    Verified Patient

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    My review counts. Right arm amputee at age 16 I am now almost 60. The surgical skill and talent of Dr. Papandrea has repaired my left shoulder, elbow, wrist, and long finger. All I can say is "CONSISTENTLY EXCELLENT WORK".

    Verified Patient

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