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    I smashed my arm during a heavy strength-training exercise and Dr. Papandrea was always conscious of my desire to get back into my regimen and my sport. He tailored his recommendations directly to my needs and I am already benching. I can't believe how good my scar looks and how well I was cared for...

    Victoria Zimmerman

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    Dr. Papandrea was Great! My son suffered a fracture in the growth plate of his right elbow. As an athlete, this was problematic for my son as he is a Catcher in Baseball and a Quarterback in Football, and his right arm is his throwing arm. For months we were giving it time to heal, but it never d...

    Jason Blawat

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    I was referred to Dr Papandrea by a mutual friend as a tore my right shoulder and ended up being a full thickness tear. He saw the MRI and got me in right away and scheduled surgery very quickly. I was amazed how fast things went, but I was in a lot of pain and he knew it. He completely fixed my rig...

    Heather Winser

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    Rick has done a rotator cuff repair on my left shoulder about 7 years ago. Thanks to that repair I have full strength and range of motion. When my right shoulder needed attention I naturally went back. Dr Papandrea warned me that after reviewing the MRI he might not be able to fix this shoulder it w...

    Jim Walker

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    Dr Papandrea is an amazing surgeon. His knowledge, skills and caring attitude cannot be topped. I tore my bicep, did a walk in and was in surgery the next day. Now, 3 months latter, I am almost fully healed with full range of motion. He is a miracle worker, 1st my wife's reverse shoulder surgery and...

    Retired Guy

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    I have had two rotator cuff surgeries with Dr Papandrea and could not be happier. He is an outstanding doctor. Always attentive and engaging.

    Mark Truelove

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    I love dr Papandrea he amazing oerson first did sugurey right hand when work mcdonalds and also he did my left hand carptuneral relase and de quvervain relased and he kept calm and everything during sugurey took care me and also talk before my sugurey and also to my dad afferwords for update and ver...

    Lori Vollmer

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    Dr. Papandrea is an outstanding surgeon. He makes sure to listen to his patients needs and finds the solution best for the patient on a case by case basis. His staff at OAW is welcoming and caring. I highly recommend him and OAW.

    Allison Gavin

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    Outstanding surgeon with great bed-side manner

    Wally Owens

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    I had a shoulder replacement with Dr. Papandrea on 10/23/19. I am amazed at how well I have healed and continued to heal. I attribute this to the surgeon, Dr. Papandrea, whose skills and knowledge far out way any orthopedic shoulder care I have ever had in the past. I feel as though I have my life ...

    Bobbi S

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