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    Dr. Papandrea was absolutely outstanding. He patiently answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable about my daughter's elbow surgery. We would HIGHLY recommend him!

    Verified Patient

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    I had a good experience with my shoulder surgery. Very good doctor. He has a very good support staff as well. He uses text messages to help with recovery. Recommended.

    Verified Patient

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    He was "the guy to see" for my surgery. He was indeed. Excellent in all aspects of surgery and recovery.

    Verified Patient

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    I am completely satisfied with the surgery Dr. Papandrea performed on my broken arm. He gave me a feeling of confidence with his thorough explanation of what the surgery would involve. I am amazed at how quickly my arm is healing and am very grateful for how well I was treated by him and his staff.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea reattached my distal bicep tendon at the elbow. He explained exactly what the surgery entailed and he professionally accomplished it. Heck, he even called a me at home the night after the surgery to make sure I was ok! What Dr does that? You bet I’d recommend him!!!

    Verified Patient

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    process was explained thoroughly. rick and his staff could not have been more attentive, and the result was remarkable. my left arm had been pretty useless before the surgery & 3 months later it is 1000% better.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr Papandrea did a great job repairing my detached bicep. Because I was slow to have this injury diagnosed it was a little trickier than usual. Once diagnosed, Rick was great about fitting me in for surgery and everything went well. I would recommend Dr Papandrea highly!

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea did a great job on my shoulder and made himself available after surgery for any questions or concerns.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea is an excellent surgeon that repaired my UCL and allowed my baseball career to continue

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea has done surgery on both shoulders (inverse and regular replacements) as well as piecing together a badly fractured wrist. Because of his expertise and dedication, I live life without pain and total movement. I highly recommend him!

    Verified Patient

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