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    Very happy with the text messaging.It answered many questions before I could ask them.It was helpful in deciding how much I could do safely.This whole experience has been so positive from the his entire staff and the nurses were outstanding.

    Janis Larsen

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    Dr. Papandrea provided excellent care to my son for his broken arm. He was straightforward about whether or not surgery was advisable, and the end result was great.

    Brandon Erdmann

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    I was in severe pain for almost a year and cried almost every day that's how bad my pain was I could no longer use my arm until I met Dr Rick Papendrea and his PA Ryan Dr papandrea has amazing hands amazing talent just a wonderful doctor all around I would highly recommend him I needed to have an MR...

    Mary Jensen

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    Surgery went well .NURSING staff was very helpful. I had very limited pain .and very helpful recovery just follow all recovery advice I would go there again!

    Colin Walsh

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    Dr Papandrea is quite simply the best hands down. His experience is unsurpassed and the text messages you receive post surgery are informative as well as motivating. Shoulder replacement surgery with him is nothing to fear.

    Dennis Wenzel

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    Absolute pros! I had a biceps tenodesis and the process was great. Professional, helpful, friendly and on point every step of the way. Their text service with tips post-surgery was very modern and really helpful.

    Tony Hopkins

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    Wonderful experience from start to finish. Their surgery center runs very smoothly and everyone is incredible. I trained with Dr. Papandrea in residency and I highly recommend him.

    Katie Meyer

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    I've had 3 major surgeries with Doc P (Dr Papandrea) and he's an amazing Dr. I highly recommend him. He worked on both my shoulders (replacing one shoulder and fixing another surgeons mess on the other) and clavicle, done injections in a couple joints and I must say, he's been the only Dr to ever do...

    Jacquie Kennerson

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    2020... the year I had both shoulders replaced by Dr Papandrea and his team. Any time I had questions, they were always there to provide helpful answers. Also helpful we’re the texts sent to me during my recovery... providing info and encouragement. They were often just what I needed to hear.

    Kathy Starck

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    I had a motorcycle accident 6years ago. Severed my clavicle I was 21. He saved my right shoulder and I’m forever thankful im 27 and still going strong. Thank you dr Papandrea

    Ian Ian

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