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    After having 2 prior surgeries on my left shoulder by another surgeon, i asked my family doctor who she thought could help, she recommended Dr Papandrea. I felt very comfortable with him and his explanations of what needed to be done. After undergoing the surgery and physical therapy it was remarkab...

    Tony Zenk

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    Dr.Rick Did a full shouler replacment on me. I am 82 years so late in life. It was great it is a really great impriovment. I wish I had done it a few years ago . I play tennis a bit and seven month after the operation I served a ace .I had not been able to do that in over 10 years.If you are thinkin...

    Fred Thuemling

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    Dr Papandrea accurately diagnosed my rotator cuff injury and condition. He clearly explained his surgical treatment plan, the recovery experience and addressed all my questions in a direct and friendly way. I felt a lot confidence in him going into my first ever surgery. Everything went smoothly and...

    Lisa Yewer

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    Dr. Papandrea was very nice to work with. He spent plenty of time with my wife and I to explain exactly what was to happen during my rotator cuff surgery and answered any questions we had. He was very responsive when I emailed him questions and concerns we had before and after surgery.

    Brian Yehle

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    Dr. Papandrea is amazing!! During our first visit, he easily converted medical jargon into "regular talk", which helped us make an informed decision on how to proceed. His bedside manner is outstanding! He is passionate about his patients and their recovery. I highly recommend him!

    Menomonee Falls

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    I can't say enough good things about my experience during my complete shoulder replacement over the last 4 months. MIKE

    Mike Lange

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    Dr. Papandrea did surgical repair to both of my wrists. I am 6 months out on the left wrist and 3 months out on the right wrist. Both wrists are much improved since the surgery. Dr. Papandrea is the best. He is on time, courteous, listens to your concerns and is willing to work with you. I highly re...

    Waukesha Verified Patient

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    Dr. Papandrea and his staff were very easy to work with and professional. They took the time to explain what was happening every step of the way and showed great concern for my well being. Everyone from the front desk workers to the x-ray techs were very friendly and really seemed to enjoy their job...

    Sharon J

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    I would refer Dr. Papandrea to ANYONE. He is a very knowledgeable surgeon and very thorough with his work and is very professional. His staff is also very courteous and knowledgeable. My hand surgery turned out very well and I have full use of my hand again. I am very thankful for him.

    Verified Patient

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    I had been getting Cortisone in my left wrist for a dead bone every 3 months for 2+ years. During this time I was retired and playing Softball 3 times a week. Pain was just a normal everyday experience at age 67. I had surgery for a partial wrist replacement on 9/19/2017. Started PT on 9/21 through ...

    James Miller

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