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    Dr Papandrea performed a Distal Bicep Tendon Repair on my right bicep tendon earlier this year in 2017. I could not have selected a more experienced orthopedic surgeon to perform this procedure. Dr Papandrea is outstanding! He is very professional and has a great way of connecting with his patients....

    Matt Zirpoli

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    Thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced and attentive doctor. Surprised he called me at home @ 9PM after a fairly minor procedure to see how I was doing!

    Milwaukee WI

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    Dr. Papandrea in my mind is the preeminent physician and surgeon for shoulder surgeries. Fall of 2015 after exhausting rehab and other therapies, I saw him for a right shoulder injuries that has chronically hurt since high school. He was patient, listened to my story, and educated me on the injury (...

    Jordan L

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    He made me feel very comfortable in my decision to have surgery. I liked his demeanor and confidence.

    Barbara In Helenville

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    My nasty shoulder was complicated by rheumatoid arthritis, making the simplest movement (and sleeping) very difficult. Dr. Papandreou skillfully repaired my shoulder and was also very kind. His staff is excellent as well. Could not be more pleased!

    East Troy

  • I have been a patient of Dr Papandrea's for close to 10 years now. What Dr Papandrea brings to the table that I find great is his extreme wealth of knowledge, super surgical skills & more importantly his overall "true" compassion for both patients & their families. Without his skills, I would have v...

    Tamae K

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    I have FSHD which is a form of muscular dystrophy that atrophies all the muscles around the scapula/upper body area. Dr. Rick Papandrea was referred to me from a physician's assistant in Madison for a surgery known as scapular fixation. It was the first time he had ever performed the surgery and I w...

    Brandon Housley

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    Dr. Papandrea is not only a good Dr. he is a Dr. who cares. He provided me all the information and contact info for my procedure and after care that was needed. His follow up was a pleasant surprise and I would highly recommend him.

    Brian Webb

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    I was grateful to get a timely appointment and evaluation after my injury. Was again grateful that Dr. Papandrea was able to schedule my surgery to coincide with a week of vacation. I found the office, surgery center, and postoperative physical therapy to all be efficient, friendly and competent. Wo...

    Steve Heaney, M.D.

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    Doctor Papandrea and his surgical staff are excellent!!! I had a growth removed from my elbow that was causing extreme nerve pain. My surgical experience was comfortable, professional, and done with medical excellence. The surgery was successful and my pain is completely gone. I would highly recomme...

    Carrie Verified Patient

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