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    I had pain in my left shoulder which my normal Orthopedic repaired for me...I was not able to get my movement back and Dr. Papandrea took over.....He repaired the other orthopedics work and still was not able to retain my movement....He then replaced the shoulder and my movement came back.......Than...

    Barbara Moran

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    Dr.Papandrea and team rating from Alpha to Omega is Five Star.

    Peter Angelos

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    Dr Papandrea replaced my left shoulder in November and then replaced my right shoulder 10 weeks later. I could not be more pleased with the entire out come. I have regained good range of movement in both arms and I am pain free. PS. After the surgery follow the exercise instructions, it really helps...

    Allen Davis

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    Had two shoulder surgeries about 2 years apart, both went great. Able to move arm in 48 hrs and minor pain. Shoulders are fine after about 8 and 10 years, sleep so much better. Dr. Papandrea was great at visits and with surgery? Highly recommended!

    Steven Brown

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    Dr. Papandrea fit me in to a hectic schedule and delivered a surgery that was quite complicated, for which I was very grateful. My wrist surgery involved two broken bones, for which it was necessary to insert a metal plate, ten screws and a bone fragment to stabilize it. This was done in August of 2...

    Brenda Schendel

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    First surgery (shoulder replacement) and it went very well. He seemed very knowledgeable and his protocol for recovery was aggressive but it worked out perfectly for me. Playing golf at 90 days and now at 11 months, I often forget that I've had a shoulder replacement.

    Charlie Breeden

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    My surgery (broken clavicle) went very well. Dr. Papandrea personally met with me pre surgery, explained in detail the process and expected outcome. He again met with me in post operative, to detail expectations in next 24 -48 hours. I appreciated the hands on consultations.

    Scott In Hartland

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    A skilled, knowledgeable ortho. with excellent communication skills. I have had pain in an elbow that was fractured in a hit & run auto accident while riding a bicycle years ago. Two years ago my elbow was so sore, weak and painful I couldn't even lift a piece of paper. Upon a rather quick examinati...

    Ron Sager

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    Dr. Papandrea did a thumb fusion for arthritis about a year ago. He was wonderful during my pre-op visits answering my many questions and explaining thoroughly what the surgery would entail and how the recovery would be. Post-op was just as explained and again questions were answered and recovery we...

    Mary In Pewaukee

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    Excellent doctor and surgeon. I had a total shoulder replacement done in Denver. It failed and became diseased. I also have lymphedema in that arm as side affect of breast cancer. To top that off I broke my arm. Dr. Papandrea worked with my Infectious Disease doctor and GP office to develop the best...

    Waukesha WI

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