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    Best experience I have everhever had.

    Van Hall

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    I've been a patient of Dr. Papandrea's since 2014, and we have been through full joint replacements on both of my shoulders. He is an excellent surgeon and has a very nice personal style with patients. In addition, his staff and the environment at the Wisconsin Orthopedic Associates surgery center a...

    Kim In Waukesha

  • Healthgrades 272031Healthgrades

    Dr. Papandrea and his team took very good care of me. I had surgery on my right shoulder for rotator cuff and torn bicept tendon. Him and his team patiently took care of all my questions and concerns before and especially after the surgery. His team responded fast and never made me feel like I was b...

    B Weissenborn

  • Healthgrades 272030Healthgrades

    Excellent Doctor with an outstanding staff, facility is second to none

    Gary Goemans

  • Healthgrades 272029Healthgrades

    I could not be happier with my results. Dr. Papandrea was highly recommended and referred to as THE "shoulder guy". He truly is. The post PT staff was fantastic as well. Thank you.

    Tim In Oconomowoc

  • Healthgrades 272028Healthgrades

    Dr. Papandrea ordered all of the needed tests on my shoulder. He clearly explained not only my options but the consequences of each option. In the end I chose a reverse shoulder replacement. A video was watched and he patiently answered every one of my questions. Pre-surgery requirements were set up...

    Judy In Oconomowoc

  • Healthgrades 272027Healthgrades

    I was highly recommended to see Dr. Papandrea. "He is the best there is" I was told. Was not disappointed!! I had reverse shoulder replacement surgery and the results were very satisfactory. He is an excellent surgeon, and his supporting staff was outstanding!!! See Dr. Papandrea. You will love the ...

    Jim Clifford

  • Healthgrades 272026Healthgrades

    Dr Papandrea is the best!! He has done several surgeries for me . I have been very pleased every time. He takes time with you and explains things in a lay persons language. He is extremely busy but never makes you feel rushed. He is a very compassionate man. Jeanne lalich

    Jeanne Lalich

  • Healthgrades 272025Healthgrades

    Diagnosed my issue within 5 minutes. Knew the right questions to ask unlike another doctor I talked to.

    Clint In Watertown

  • Healthgrades 272024Healthgrades

    He did a great job finding out why I was having pain with my shoulder. And then he did surgery on it. Now I am on my way to recovery and feeling much better every day.

    Sue In Waukesha

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