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    I have had shoulder replacement a year ago. I have full range with my arm and shoulder. I will be having my other shoulder replacement by Dr. Rick Papandrea in a week and highly recommend Dr Papandrea. His staff is also excellent in helping patient .

    Nancy In Brookfield

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    Dr. Papandrea replaced my left shoulder last year and I feel great! Not only is he an awesome surgeon, he also has a great bedside manner. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone!

    Ronald L Schultz

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    My experience with Dr. Papandrea was outstanding. He operated on both of my hands which were in bad shape and now they are as good as new. His skill was manifested in the result in both operations. Besides his medical skill, he was very personable and explained the procedures very clearly. His staff...

    Terrence S Cerni

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    I had broke my hand back in September of 2016 went to go see dr. Rick papandrea he was so nice so caring so thoughtful his staff was very pleasant everyone had very good attitude kindness I would recommend very strongly going to dr. Rick papandrea he helped me surgery was so successful I did not eve...

    Robert Beavers

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    Dr. Papandrea provided me with a surgical option that I did not know was possible. The results were incredible. My hand function is back to normal with absolutely no pain. I recommend Dr. Papandrea without reservation.

    Robert Bliese

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    Dr Papandrea took the time to explain the complete procedures for both my shoulder surgeries and takes the time to answer any questions. I had rotator cuff/muscle repair done in Sept 2015. I also had a reverse shoulder replacement done on my right shoulder in Sept of 2016. Before my shoulder replace...

    Donna Brooks

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    Dr. Papandrea performed a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder in June 2015. I knew from my experience in the insurance field that he is very highly regarded. His innovative way of performing shoulder surgeries provides for earlier physical therapy. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

    Anne Atherton

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    Very professional. He has great communication with both patient and family. Highly recommend him to anyone suffering from shoulder pain or discomfort. Had a reverse total shoulder only complaint is that I wish I did it years earlier.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr Papandrea has replaced my wife's shoulder with a reverse shoulder and the results have been wonderful. She has full movement, the therapy was very professionally done and the best part was that her torn rotor cuff did not have to be replaced. Dr Papandrea has done shoulder shoulder surgery for me...

    William Pfister

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    Dr. Papandrea is very professional and a great Dr. I had shoulder surgery to repair my ongoing dislocation problem with it. Wish I would of gone in sooner - so happy with the results.

    Dawn Pekel

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